Sanjay Guha

Tea Consultant

Sanjay Guha is a UK-based leading professional in the tea industry with 40 years of experience in the tea trade. His areas of expertise include tea-tasting, sourcing, buying and blending. Sanjay has built an invaluable international network spanning Asia, Russia, Europe, Africa and the USA, as well as in emerging markets such as Russia and the Middle East.

Sanjay has been involved in marketing, sales and business development in various companies, including Lipton’s, Parry Agro, Texuna International and the Duncan Macneill Group/The Assam Company. His experience in brand management and category management in retail markets has given him a unique insight into brand destination: growth rate, positioning, brand imaging and recognizing which tea blends are needed regionally.

Sanjay has worked directly in and with plantations in both North and South India, Sri Lanka, Africa and Russia (Georgia). This has given him the knowledge base of the agricultural industry, as well as the opportunity to aid the manufacture of teas most suited to their core markets.