Exhibitors List

Below is a list of our 2014 exhibitors. 

Aiya America
American Tea Room
Art of Tea
Bana Tea Company
Chado Tea Room
Chai Diaries
Harney & Sons Fine Teas
Ito En
Lisa's Berry Bowls
Sencha Natural
Tea Gallerie
Waterfall Tea Company
ZenZeu Teas
Zen's Tea House

Chado Tea Room® - Platinum Sponsor

Chado-Tea-RoomChado Tea Room®
Platinum Sponsor 

Purveyors of fine and rare teas for over 20 years Chado Tea is the tea shop that has revolutionized tea drinking in Southern California. Established in 1990 Chado has grown to 3 locations in the Los Angeles area and 3 locations in India. Chado Tea Room has been featured in several major publications and known for holding special events of all kinds. And now, through Chadotea.com, tea drinkers across the globe have access to the over 300 different types of specialty teas, that are available in all the Chado Tea Rooms. Lunch and Afternoon tea service available at all locations.

For more information please visit: www.chadotea.com

Chai Diaries® - Platinum Sponsor

Chai-DiariesChai Diaries®
Platinum Sponsor 

The name Chai Diaries is a blend of the Indian beloved word "chai" (generic for tea) and the sincere emotions associated with writing a diary. Our company aims to deliver sincerity through a personal selection of directly sourced, master blended teas and herbal infusions. It is about rebirth through sincerity with the self. Life is not a sprint to the finish line. Feel free to pause, take a deep breath, and have a nice cup of tea.
It’s your diary; your secret’s safe here...
Have a Cup and Open Up!

For more information please visit:  www.mychaidiaries.com 

Waterfall Tea Company® - Platinum Sponsor

Waterfall-Tea-CompanyWaterfall Tea Company®
Platinum Sponsor 

Every cup of Waterfall Teas shows how pure a thing is Joy. The nectar of the tender tea leaf spreads goodness from the mouth throughout the whole body and our bodies rejoice. We have a range of fragrances, flavors and pleasures selected from many tea regions and lands. Our various fine teas are sure to satisfy every thirst as only a Waterfall can.

For more information contact Waterfall Tea Company at our website http://www.waterfallteas.com, by calling 1-877-832-5263 

Zen's Tea House® - Platinum Sponsor

Zen-Tea-House-LogoZen's Tea House®
Platinum Sponsor 

Zen's Tea House specializes in providing top quality teas from around the world. Our passion is tea and people. As tea connoisseurs, we are serious about our tea and take pride in our professional service. Our slogan is "helping people through the power of tea" and it is what we believe in.

For more information contact Zen's Tea House at our website http://www.zenstea.com, by calling 1-562-237-2480

American Tea Room - Platinum Sponsor

American-Tea-Room-Logo1American Tea Room
Platinum Sponsor 

Our Story

We’ve been a staple of Beverly Hills gift and foodie culture since 2003. Over the years, we’ve won awards for our store design and products, and received accolades from Oprah, LA Magazine, Newsweek and others. More recently, we’ve expanded our online presence to bring our curated selection of fine teas and distinctive teaware to a broader audience.

Our Name

Over time, our international range of products and our overall approach to tea (which includes easy brewing instructions, fun recipes, food pairings and in-store events) have come to reflect a distinctly American style. Our name is an extension of this and reflects our commitment to melding the worldwide cultures of tea for a uniquely American tea experience.

For more information contact American Tea Room at our website http://www.americantearoom.com, by calling 1-310-271-7922

Aiya America - Gold Sponsor

Aiya-AmericaAiya America
Gold Sponsor

Aiya is the world’s #1 producer of Matcha Green Tea since 1888.  For over a century, Aiya has grown and manufactured the highest quality products.  Known for its consistent quality and safety, Aiya is proud to now offer consumer friendly-sized products so anyone can enjoy our premium Matchas and teas from the comfort of their own home.

For more information please visit: www.aiya-america.com

Harney & Sons Fine Teas - Gold Sponsor

Harney-TeasHarney & Sons Fine Teas
Gold Sponsor

Harney & Sons Fine Teas has been in the business of gourmet tea for over 25 years. Our large tea selection includes traditional blends and fascinating takes on the classics. With over 200 varieties of tea, there is a tea for everyone. And our line of organic ready to drink bottled teas and juices is all natural and refreshingly delicious.

For more information please visit: www.harney.com 

Glenburn Tea Direct - Gold Sponsor

Glenburn-Tea-DirectGlenburn Tea Direct
Gold Sponsor

Glenburn Tea Direct is an internet business set up by the Prakash family, a dynasty with a 100-year tradition in tea; connecting tea merchants around the world with tea growers on our two estates in India - Glenburn (Darjeeling) and Khongea (Assam). Our fresh seasonal tea direct from source, is produced in harmony with its environment along with the strong passion of the Prakash "Chaiwala" family and the dedication of over 2000 tea picker families who call Glenburn and Khongea their home.

For more information please visit: http://www.glenburnteaestate.com 

Global Customized Water - Gold Sponsor

Global Water SolutionsGlobal Customized Solutions
Gold Sponsor

Global Customized Water develops and manufactures a complete line of water treatment equipment with over 30 years of experience. We have introduced many groundbreaking products to the market, including the Easy systems and the AB Formulator. Taking the first step towards getting the customized advantage is to start with properly formulated water. Our controlled mineral balance to optimize the extraction and infusion process directly affecting the flavor and aroma of your beverage. Global uses customized solutions for every placement of their water filtration system. Whether your location is in Los Angeles or New York, London or Beijing, Global Customized Water standardizes your water for consistency in every cup.

For more information please visit: http://www.globalcustomizedwater.com 


Ito-EnITO En
Gold Sponsor

ITO EN is the world's leading artisan of green tea leaves and beverages offers a refined selection of teas, teaware and rare finds from around the world.

For more information please visit: www.itoen.com 



Art of Tea

Art of Tea

Founded in 2006 in Los Angeles by Master Tea Blender, Steve Schwartz, Art of Tea has grown to become a leading purveyor of organic and specialty teas in the continental US and many countries around the world. Art of Tea sources the world’s finest organic teas and botanicals directly from growers; each one offering a unique story and a clear glimpse into their world. Each of their over 200 teas are hand blended and hand packed “to order” in their Los Angeles based facility and are directly distributed to cafes and restaurants who share in their vision of delivering the highest quality tea experience possible.

For more information please visit: www.artoftea.com 

ZenZeu Teas

ZenZeu Teas

Mythical Gods evoke enlightenment through the power of Zen. In Greek mythology, Zeu, represents mythical Gods. Each of these Gods tell a legend that enlightens and takes you to a different place and time. ZenZeu is a natural tea that cleanses the body and soul, allowing you to enjoy life to its fullest while enjoying a peaceful oneness with the world.

The culture of ZenZeu is that of a loyal tea drinker or those looking for a quality tea with luxurious packaging for a special occasion.

For more information please visit: www.zenzeu.com 

Den's Teas

Den's Tea
Den's Tea is a Japanese Green Tea specialist dedicated to supplying the freshest and the most authentic Japanese Green Tea in North America.
All teas - loose, bagged and powdered - offered by Den's Tea are manufactured by our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten in Shizuoka, Japan with 90 years of experience in Japanese Green tea. We hope that we can be your source of both information and quality products.

For more information please visit: www.denstea.com 

Lisa's Berry Bowls

Lisa's Berry Bowls
I began doing ceramics 13 years ago as a way of having fun and reducing stress.  I am a Psychotherapist by profession.  I soon became as passionate about my art as I am about counseling.  Lisa's Berry Bowls came into being when my aunt asked me to make her a berry bowl.  People soon began asking for the berry bowls and other ceramics that I make.  My work is inspired by the beauty of nature and by the Arts and Crafts and Art Nouveau styles of design.  I make hand thrown, hand painted functional art.
For more information please visit: www.lisasberrybowls.com 

Sencha Naturals

Sencha Naturals

Sencha Naturals was founded by David Kerdoon after an inspiring trek through Asia in 2001. During his journeys throughout the region, he discovered the numerous benefits of green tea, was educated on its cultivation, and learned of the extensive research being conducted on this fragile yet potent plant called Camellia sinensis. He was particularly intrigued by the “Sencha” variety of green tea, in which the leaves remain intact and impart a distinctly fresh flavor.

Upon returning to the United States, David noticed green tea was limited to its consumption as a beverage, whereas Asian merchants infuse it into a wide variety of edibles & personal care products. In an effort to enlighten the western world to green tea's versatility, he collaborated with herbalists, food formulators, tea masters & connoisseurs, and thus Sencha Naturals was born.

The goal was to create a socially-responsible company that implemented this potent herb into unique and functional products. Three years of trial & error finally resulted in success: the world's first Green Tea Mints. The original SEN CHA mints have evolved into a variety of natural flavors & formulas, and are continuously being improved to ensure highest product quality, community responsibility, and environmental sustainability.

The next phase of the journey involves extending the SEN CHA line to include other green tea edibles and natural care products. We hope you have enjoyed sharing our journey; thank you for being a part of it.

For more information please visit: www.senchanaturals.com 

Bana Teas

Bana Teas

Bana Tea Company is dedicated to promoting the discovery and pleasures of Pu-erh teas, probably the most fascinating, esoteric and sought-after teas in China.  The art of harvesting, drying, aging, curing, storing, and preparing of Pu-erh teas has an ancient history behind it that is a living culture today.  It is Bana Tea Company's commitment to bring to you a selection of the highest quality Pu-erh teas available.

For more information please visit: www.banateacompany.com 

Global Organic Teas

Global Organic Teas is a veteran owned retailer offering premium quality loose tea and pyramid tea bags from tea gardens around the world. Global Organic Teas strives to offer an extensive selection of certified organic teas that taste good. Global Organic Teas is committed to raising awareness about organic teas. Global Organic Teas is committed to reducing carbon footprint by providing the following:

1. No excessive packaging.

2. Organic Teas Free of Chemicals.

3. Recyclable Tea bags, combustible packaging, and loose tea leaves.

Global organic teas seeks develop and maintain long term relationships with customers passionate about creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle and reducing their carbon footprint.

Global Organic Teas is committed to collaborating with Tea purveyors passionate in offering high quality premium organic teas.

For more information Contact:
Global Organic Teas
2405 Blem St.
San Diego, CA 92109

Tea Gallerie

Tea Gallerie

Tea Gallerie is a specialty tea boutique that is 100% committed to brewing your passion for tea. We cater to the modern tea drinker, tea aficionado and the tea curious. We offer everything you can dream of for your tea drinking celebration- from our fragrant, seductive and spicy loose-leaf teas to our stylish tea accessories and modern equipage. We strive to tantalize your senses by only carrying the most stylish, exotic and best selling products in the universe of tea. 

Come let's celebrate the magical and enigmatic experience of this 5000-year old ancient beverage.   www.teagallerie.com
Contact info: